Number of Positions Vacant: 100

Job Responsibilities

  • A Senior Loan Officer should be in charge of 18-24 groups. Each contains 10-35 members and the total number of members should be 450-500.The number of members may vary, depending upon the geographical and socio-economic condition of the area.
  • The group formation should be done within a maximum span of 4 to 5 months in the new regions.
  • The new members should be brought within the scope of loan process by a week, just after the admission.
  • A Senior Loan Officer will look after 3-4 groups per day (except Saturday and Sunday) in a week and must collect the instalments and weekly savings in the determined rate.
  • In case of loan disbursement of the organized groups, a Senior Loan Officer should make the preparation before 6 months and must report the same to the Branch Manager.
  • During the loan disbursement process, a Senior Loan Officer must abide by the conditions and the determined rules i.e. member’s age, occupation, savings, loan amount, etc – in case of disruption of such rule, the concerned Senior Loan Officer must be held responsible. He or she must also try to pursue the members for the proper utilization of the loan taken.
  • If the borrower expresses that she is unable to pay the instalment for any specific reason, then the respective Loan Officer must station himself there in the borrower’s house or must take the help of human rights to realize the instalment of the borrower. The Branch Manager must immediately be informed about the fact of unrealized loan otherwise, the same responsibility must be carried out by the Loan Officer. No fact should be kept hidden or secret regarding the unrealized loan or unpaid instalment.
  • Following the orders of Branch Manager and the company, special responsibilities, are to be carried out.
  • According to the rules of the company, a Loan Officer can station himself/herself only at the working place and at the working area.
  • At the printed form of the company, a loan plan can be done twice yearly, i.e. for the term of 6 months.
  • Attendance and the movement registers must be signed regularly in the branch offices.
  • Before leaving the office at the evening, the day’s savings and the information regarding realizable loan (according to the register) must be written in the blackboard.
  • The benefits of the loan programme of the company must be brought into the notice of the borrowers and the execution of the same should be done properly.
  • According to the rules and regulations, the submission of insurance premium, repayment of insurance, etc. should be comprehended and executed properly among the groups.
  • The arrangement should be made for the submission of the realized loan instalment/ realized amount, obtained from the committee (samiti) to the Loan Officer cum cashier as soon as possible.
  • The essential documents at the time of duty handover, during transfer/resignation/relief, together with the permission letter of the respective authority should be submitted to the Head Office.
  • The wrong propaganda, scandal, instigation against the company may come under the punitive action, if found with proper proof.
  • Without the permission of the company’s Managing Director none can engage themselves in any other occupations (i.e. teaching, giving tuition, business).
  • The loan application form, the realizable and the realized information sheet must be filled up regularly.
  • In case of enjoying the leave, prior sanction of the authority as per the leave rule is required for taking the leave.
  • Participation in Corporate Social Responsibility programme.
  • Abiding by the code and conduct of the institution.

Desired Candidate's Profile

  • Graduate and above
  • Age 20 to 30 years.
  • Fluency in the local language.
  • Willing to relocate and stay in company-provided bachelor’s accommodation.
  • Team player. Attitude and willing to work for the poor and for society.
  • Fresher with no previous experience will be provided with training by experts with global experience in the field of microfinance.

Salary: As per the industry standard.

Job Location: At Branches within the administrative district, however the job is transferable to any branches.

Application for this post may be emailed at jobs@asaindiamf.com

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