The special loan is for women who are involved in emerging entrepreneurial enterprises and supplementary income generating activities but suffer from shortage of capital and are not eligible for banking assistance.

Loan amount

INR 31,000- 60,000


12 or 24 months, depending upon the repayment ability and the borrower's choice as per RBI directives

Instalments frequency




For tenure/duration of 12 months

46 instalments

22 instalments

11 instalments

For tenure/duration of 24 months

106 instalments

53 instalments

26 instalments

Rate of interest

28.5% (reducing) from 20 March 2023 onwards. The approved range is 28% - 30%.

Processing fee

2% of the loan amount plus applicable GST

Insurance / loan processing fees

INR 4.50 for per INR 1,000 per year plus applicable GST

Admission fee

Rs 25 inclusive of GST

Admin fee

0.6% of the loan amount plus applicable GST

Security deposit


Penalty for late payment

2 on the overdue amount plus applicable GST